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Public Notices

Indian River Chamber of Commerce

Member Notice 7/27/2023

In clarity, despite inaccurate community concerns, the IRRR Chamber Board of Directors wish to convey the sale of the building on 3435 S. Straits Hwy is not part of a dissolution. To the contrary, the sale of 3435 S. Straits Hwy ensures the IRRR Chamber can continue to serve our members in good standing. As a Chamber, our core purpose is to help ‘members’ thrive through advocacy, economic development, connectivity, and education.

After long consideration, discussions, and due diligence we are in the process of restructuring to return to a member-focused organization, and away from tourism, community organizer, event planning, and other non-chamber activities that have engulfed the Chamber over the years. The sale of the Chamber building is a step towards providing value driven and expanded services to our members of good standing.

If you would like to volunteer or be active members we look forward to your involvement moving forward. Our next member meeting is on Aug. 2 @ 10:00 am at the Indian River Golf Club.

Member Notice: 6/29/2023 

Pursuant to the Indian River Resort Region Chamber of Commerce (IRCC) Bylaws, Article Twelve, Section 1, a meeting of the IRCC will be held at the Indian River Golf Club in the formal dinning room on July 10th @ 9am to vote on Article Five, Section 2 Bylaw Amendment as follows:

The current Article Five, Section 2 of the IRCC Bylaws state, “The Board of Directors shall consist of not less than nine (9) and not more than eleven (11) Members…” and proposed amendment to Article Five, Section 2 is, “The Board of Directors shall consist of not less than three (3) and more than eleven (11) Members…”