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Sturgeon River

The Sturgeon River Fishing & Paddlesports

The Sturgeon River provides an awesome wilderness white water experience. The Sturgeon River is the fastest river in Michigan’s Lower Peninsula with an average descent of almost 14 feet per mile. It is a Class I/II river. The average depth is 3-4 feet. However, there are deeper pools that can reach 5-8 feet in depth, usually around the outside of the bends. The temperature is a refreshing 42 to 52 degrees.

Families have enjoyed canoeing, rafting, kayaking and tubing the Sturgeon River for years. Currents vary enough to please everyone: technical sections for more of a paddling challenge in the Mid Sections to Upper Sections between Wolverine and Fisher Woods with smooth and slower sections for a more relaxing ride closer to Burt Lake. The sections from Trowbridge to Wolverine are provide an active paddling experience thought not as challenging as the sections farther North from Wolverine at Lumberjack Park.  The best information about the river conditions and the type of watercraft that will best meet your desired river trip and adventure is best provided by our local outfitters.

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