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2900 E Mullett Lake Rd, Indian River, MI, United States
2900 East Mullett Lake Road Indian River Michigan 49749 US

Firewood Sales Northern Michigan


Firewood Sales

A Sweet Farms has well seasoned split northern Michigan firewood for delivery and pickup, stacking upon delivery is available. We offer wholesale and retail firewood sales. Our firewood is processed and split in 16″ long pieces. We process local hardwoods and we also sell 1 cubic foot bundles.

  • Firewood Sales in Northern Michigan
  • Split Firewood
  • Well Seasoned Hardwood
  • Firewood Delivery or Pick Up
  • Wholesale and Retail
  • 1 Cubic Foot Bundles Available

Place your firewood order early to insure that you are not searching for firewood when the suppliers are sold out. With the cost of natural gas and propane rising, the number of people burning split firewood to heat their homes has been steadily increasing.


If you are looking for split, well seasoned firewood for delivery or pick up call A Sweet Farms today.

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Andy Sweet
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