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Non-Profit/Community Organizations

100 club.jpg
P.O.Box 3 Indian River, MI 49749
Owner Name
Richard Kolb
Afton Community Club.jpg
7016 Montgomery Rd., P.O. Box 70 Afton, Michigan 49705
Owner Name
Brenda DuBois
Afton Deer Management logo (1)-page-001.jpg
9160 Watson Rd, Wolverine, MI 49799, United States
Owner Name
Ed Petricca
3063 Red Pine Point Dr. Indian River, MI 49749
Owner Name
Beverly Paisley
Black River Ranch1.JPG
9410 Clark Bridge Rd, Onaway, MI, USA
Owner Name
BRR Merger LLC - Dorothy Michiels - Manager
Burt Lake Christian ChurchJPG.JPG
10989 W. M-68 P.O. box 4205 Burt Lake, MI 49717
Owner Name
Tina Allen
PO Box 632 Indian River, MI 49749
Owner Name
Cindy Fisher
PO Box 873 Indian River, MI 49749
Owner Name
Ken Millard
P.O. Box 10 Cheboygan MI 49721
Owner Name
James Conboy / Director Grant Management
cheboygan county jr golf.jpg
P.O. Box 938, Indian River MI 49749
Owner Name
Chris Sangster
cheboygan county_Republican_Party2.gif
PO Box 5188 Cheboygan, MI 49721
Owner Name
Rob Most | Cathy Stone, Vice Chair
520 N. Main St., Suite 304 Cheboygan, MI 49721
Owner Name
Tracy Torrence
cheboygan economic development group.png
P.O. Box 10, Cheboygan Mi 49721
Owner Name
Roger Kopernik
6464 Holden Ave, Indian River, MI 49749, United States
Owner Name
Angela Nowosielski
city on a hill-page-001.jpg
3228 Gatewood Ave, Indian River MI 49749
Owner Name
Pastor Matt Karlson
4584 S. Straits Hwy. Indian River, MI 49749
Owner Name
Gary Hall
6352 Hillside Ave, PO Box 130 Indian River, MI 49749
Owner Name
Steve Coffey
cross in the woods.jpg
7078 M-68 Hwy. Indian River, Michigan 49749
Owner Name
Fr. Mike Haney
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